Here are Pediatric Dentistry of Shreveport-Bossier we know that visiting the dentist is not every kids favorite thing to do. Many children find themselves anxious or nervous about what a trip to the dentist will look like. Here 4 tips to make your kids trip to the dentist the best one yet!


Tip #1: Check Out Our Website!

A great way to expose your child to all of the new wonders of a dental office is to check out our website! Here, you will get the chance to show your kiddo some photos of the office and our team! Visit the “Meet Our Doctors” page to virtually introduce them to Dr. Gambill and our other docs, so that when they step foot into the office they are met with friendly and familiar faces.


Tip #2: Bring Them Along

If your child is young enough to not have had their first dental visit, a comforting way to usher them into a new environment would be to schedule a dental visit for yourself with your dentist. As a parent, your little one has all eyes on you, so call up your personal dentist to schedule your next cleaning and bring your kiddo along. This provides and opportunity for them to see that there is nothing to worry about, and if mom has a fun visit to the dentist, then they will too!


Tip #3: Something Better

With any dreaded event, there should always be something after to look forward to! Whether it be an ice cream cone, or a trip to the park reminding your kid that there is an even better activity after their dental visit will reinforce a positive attitude about the appointment as a whole.


Tip #4: A Piece Of Home

In any scary situation, it’s always comforting to have a little piece of home. You are more than encouraged to bring along your blanket or your favorite teddy bear to your appointment. Who knows! Dr. Gambill might even give the toy’s teeth a cleaning too.


At PDSB we prioritize your child’s happiness and want every visit to be a good one. You are always welcome to swing by with a nervous kiddo to meet the team and show them around. Don’t hesitate to call our office with any questions or concerns you might have.